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Taxation Services

In Canada all businesses and individuals with income are required to file income tax returns with Canada Revenue Agency. Planning and advising of potential tax impacts on various financial decisions or opportunities has a significant impact on every client. Because we consider taxation more than tax preparation itself, we provide our clients with personal, corporate and trust taxation services as part of our ongoing relationships with them on a personal and corporate basis.
Corporate Income Tax

Taxes are a business concern that will never go away, but fortunately, growing businesses now have more opportunities than ever before to obtain tax savings through careful and creative planning. That is why tax planning is an essential element of the tax preparation process. By making tax planning part of our overall strategy, we will work diligently on your behalf to ensure that your tax savings are maximized both now and in the future.

Personal Income Tax

There are many tax programs available that can help those of you with simple tax returns (with one source of income). On the other hand, all kinds of decisions may come into play when rental properties, investment income, or unincorporated businesses are involved. These decisions require experience and expertise, which is not provided by a simple tax preparation program. The benefits of going to qualified professionals such as us almost invariably outweigh the costs. Not only will we prepare the returns professionally, but we will give you ongoing advice on how to minimize your taxes in the future.

Other tax services
         Corporate Reorganizations
         Canada Revenue Agency Audit Assistance
         Estate Taxes
         T3 Trust returns
         T4's and T5's